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Microfiber warp knitting
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Microfiber warp knitting

The warp knit fabric has a certain elongation and stretchability, although its value is lower than that of the weft knit. Factors affecting the tensile properties of the fabric are: fabric structure (for example, single bar, double bar warp knit, raschel warp knit); the tightness of the fabric (the tighter the fabric, the lower the tensile properties); Finishing process (can give the fabric good dimensional stability); machine number (ie the number of needles per unit width); type of yarn (such as elastic core yarn, small elastic or poor fancy line, better SIZE or single strand of dimensional stability).

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緯編織物有拉伸性,有卷邊性,脫散性等 經編織物因為形成了回環繞結,結構穩定,有的彈性及小 經編和緯編都是用鉤針使紗線繞結成套的,統稱作針織物, 常與針織物對應的是梭織物,也稱做機織物(由存在交叉關系的紗線構成的織物)。





Introducing foreign first-class textile technology.Strictly standardized technical operations

Set up more than 240 flat product showrooms.Products include warp-knitted, striped towels and a bathroom.Glass, ground drag, composite sponge series,
Suit series supplies, etc.

From spinning, weaving, dyeing, sewing,One-stop service for packaging to export sales
With Germany's most advanced high efficiency Barmag
Weft knitting machine imported from Taiwan,
Weft knitting jacquard machine
Ensure excellent product quality
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Jiangsu Juhong Microfiber Maintaining industry leadership with zero return rate for more than 10 years
Your best microfiber cleaning products supplier

More than ten years of manufacturing experience, international one level standard

? Jiangsu Juhong specializes in manufacturing microfiber high-tech products for 18 years. It has Germany's introduction of high-efficiency BARMA machine CW6-920/6, ACW-920/6, etc. It also owns KARL MAYER. Production of TM4, high-speed warp knitting machine 20 sets, Taiwan imported weft knitting machine, weft knitting jacquard machine a total of 15 sets, chenille production line 5。

? Jiangsu Juhong products have been tested by international and EU related standards SGS, TUV and other authoritative institutions, and the products are exported to Guangzhou, Germany, Italy, Chicago, Japan and other countries and regions.

Spot stock, saving you money from the source

? Professional R & D, production team, spot reserve, guaranteed delivery cycle

Juhong has more than 63,000 square meters of production base, spinning, weaving, dyeing,
Sewing, packaging and export sales integration, reducing customer procurement costs by 10% to 20%

Late tracking service to ensure customer benefits in all aspects

? Analyze, inspect, manufacture, and achieve the desired results based on new products provided by customers

? Unscheduled return visits after sale, real-time control of customer's latest developments and problems in a timely manner

Jiangsu Bigwell Microfiber Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Juhong Microfiber Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, close to Shanghai, covering an area of more than 50 acres and a plant area of more than 63,000 square meters. Jiangsu Juhong is a Hong Kong-owned high-tech enterprise. Founded in 2000, it is a high-tech microfiber-oriented, blending all kinds of cleaning products, from spinning, weaving, dyeing, sewing, packaging to export.

Combine spinning, weaving, dyeing, sewing and packaging to reduce your purchasing cost from the source
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